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4 Easy Home Ab Exercises To Get You Great Results Fast!

4 Easy Home Ab Exercises To Get You Great Results Fast!

These are some actually great home ab exercises that I put together to help people target their abs without having to go to a gym. These home ab exercises are designed to actually work your abdominals, and you will absolutely feel it in the morning.These home ab exercises will get your abs in shape but you need to keep in mind that in order to see your abs, you will have to eat right, too.All of these exercise can be perform at home. You don’t need any special equipment  just your body and some abs! Here are some great home ab exercises you can do right now and start seeing results.

Girl doing Ab Exercises

Bench crunch:

Crunch Bench

To do a bench crunch, you really need to find a bench or a couch and prop your feet up on it. You wish for your body to resemble a stair step. Your shins will be the top of the stair step and your abdominal region will be the bottom of the step. Put your hands at the back your head, look at the ceiling and perform a crunch. It’s that simple.

Knee ins + crunch.

Knee crunches

To perform a knee in, lay down on the floor in a situp position. Now instead of doing a situp. You will keep your knees together and bring them up to your chin while you perform a crunching movement. As you let your head back down to the ground, extend your legs until they are straight and parallel to the ground. Try and keep your legs and feet about 5 inches off the ground at all times. After your legs are fully extensive and your head has reached the ground. Bring your legs and chin back together and perform another crunch.


bicycles crunches

Bicycles are a very efftive lower ab workout. To do this exercise start in a sit-up position. But instead of keeping your feet on the floor. Perform a bicycle motion with your feet in a position like you’re peddling. As one leg is out straight, the other should be bent and that knee should be close to your chin. Put your hands at the back your head like a usual crunch, but as an alternative of actually crunching, you will touch your left elbow to your right knee, and your right elbow to your left knee. Each elbow touch is counted as one rep. If you can’t touch your elbow, don’t be anxious about it. Just do the motion and finally you’ll get it.

Lying leg thrusts.

bridg -wirh leg rise

To do a lying leg thrust, start by lying on your back and putting your feet vertically in the air. Lower your feet to a 45° angle and come back up to a 90° angle and use your abs to push your legs and hips off the floor. Try and hold this position in the air for two seconds then lower and do again.

Alternating crunches.


This exercise is kind of like the bicycles except for your feet will stay motionless and in a situp position. You will do a regular crunch, except you will turn your body during the crunch so your left elbow touches your right knee and vice versa. Each crunch counts as a rep.


These are some great home ab exercises and they will get your abs in great shape. You MUST remember that without a healthy diet and weight training routine, you will never get visible abs. Working your abs out will make them stronger and the abdominal muscles bigger, but if you have a layer of fat over them you won’t be able to see them.For information about  Weight Gain  you can visit our post Weight Gain Plan

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